Residential Solar Monitoring Systems

Accurate Monitoring Options for all Residential Solar Systems in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

Residential solar systems give households of all sizes the power to take control of their energy usage. By using the solar power monitoring technology from HCB Solar, you will be able to reliably gauge exactly how much energy your household is consuming. All data is given in real time with a broad range of useful information provided. HCB Solar are the leading solar power experts in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley. When it comes to solar energy solutions, we’re the team you need.

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Monitoring your solar power system will provide you with a range of information. Our solar energy monitoring systems also sends you a HCB Solar alert when things are not working properly and in many cases is available as an app on your smart phone! It all depends on what Inverter and what monitoring package you choose.

The information that can be provided covers:

  • what your solar system is generating
  • what your home is consuming
  • $ being saved
  • greenhouse gases being reduced
  • and a few other options depending on choice of monitoring package.


Once your solar system is installed you can measure its performance in real time, access a wide range of information via wireless connection, your PC and web browser; plus, have alerts sent via email. Installation and initial operation of a data logger is quick and simple.

The level of monitoring you require will determine which products we use in your system’s design.

The type of monitoring you get is determined by the inverter you choose.

Generally, monitoring is available with modern day inverters however some consumers want more information than just their system production.

There are also available external monitoring systems that can allow you to measure, in real time, other elements of household usage.

There are a range of products available, however we find the most streamlined are the SMA inverters and the Fronius range of smart meters to go with Fronius inverters.

For details on our residential solar systems monitoring, please contact us or call HCB Solar on 02 4040 4307. We operate throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.


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