Roof Mounted Solar Panels under 3kw

For residences with small roof areas or houses that use relatively little electricity, the ideal system is one that produces 1.5 to 3Kw.

Electricity Usage 3

These systems will require a smaller number of panels and a smaller inverter however smaller houses often involve a high pitched roof or roof areas shaded by larger adjacent buildings.

Features of a typical 1.5Kw-3Kw installation include:

  • Small to medium power usage
  • Approx 2-4 people
  • Avg system pricing between $2000 – $8000
  • Installation time required – 1 Day (approx)
  • HCB Solar completes the entire project on your behalf including Grid Applications, Metering, Connection and Warranties
  • Components – Choice of products from leading solar brands – LG Electronics, Sunpower, Trina, SMA, ABB, Fronius, Sunlock, Schletter

We can also do stand alone (off grid) systems.  Contact us for more information on 02 4040 4307.

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