Batteries for Residential Solar Systems in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

With recent developments in solar battery technology, it is now possible for households to store energy until it is needed. This stops the need to connect to power grids during peak times, saving you money and giving Mother Nature a helping hand in the process! HCB Solar can provide you with the most up to date solar batteries currently on the market. Our area of operations includes Newcastle and the Hunter Valley.

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2016 sees the introduction of solar battery storage options for residential solar systems.

The main benefit of solar batteries is to provide your own electricity in the peak consumption time of evenings and mornings, when electricity is at its most expensive.

Being an LG Platinum Dealer we will also be offering the 6.4 kw LG Chem solar batteries. Watch this space for other quality solar battery offers coming on line.

Solar batteries work with most panels; it is the inverter that they need to be connected to that is important. HCB Solar can advise you on this.

SMA and Fronius Inverters are battery ready with different components making them work with solar batteries. HCB Solar can provide you with full costings and suggest the best system for you based on their technical know-how.

The RRP cost is still to be clarified but a 2.5kw system with battery storage will cost $9,500 – $12,000 and a 5kw system with battery storage will cost $13,000 – $20,000.  So, using a cost of $17,500 we provide the following cost analysis for you.


  1. You decide on a 5.13kW system (18 x LG Electronic solar panels) and it costs you $17,500 out of pocket fully installed (after STC & including GST).
  2. You live in Newcastle where a 5.13kW system produces on average 21.17kWh per day. This assumes a north-facing roof with no shade issues and some normal efficiency losses.
  3. The price you currently pay for electricity is approx $0.23/kWh daytime and $0.41 evening.
  4. You use 100% of the energy your system generates during the day time 50% in daytime and 50% in evenings.
  5. Yearly System production = 21.17 units (kWh) x 365 days = 7,728 kWh per year
  6. Yearly Daytime Solar Consumption and Saving  = 3,864 units (kWh) x 0.23 = $888.75 kWh
  7. Yearly Evening Solar Consumption and Saving  = 3,864 units (kWh) x $0.41 = $1,584.25
  8. Yearly Benefit = $888.75 + $1584.25) = $2,473.
  9. Cost $/kwh of solar over 25 year life of system = $0.10/kwh (compared to $0.23 & $0.41 /kwh for grid electricity)
  • Return on Investment = $2473/$17,500 x 100 = 14.13% per annum
  • Payback period = $17,500/$2473= 7.1 years
  • And the price of this electricity will not go up!

CTA: For more information on the best solar battery storage options for residential solar systems, please contact us or call HCB Solar on 02 4040 4307.


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