Reliable Residential Solar Systems in Newcastle and the Hunter Valley

Throughout Australia, more and more families are choosing to install residential solar systems to help cut their energy bills. Apart from the cost benefits, solar energy is also great for the environment! HCB Solar is your first and best choice for the professional installation and maintenance of all modern residential solar systems. We operate throughout Newcastle and the Hunter Valley region.


If you are thinking of solar, click here for our Beginners Guide to Solar to help you make an informed decision.

You currently pay about $0.23/kwh for your electricity from the grid. For your solar energy you will pay $0.09-$0.13/kwh – that is about a 50% saving! And the solar electricity will never go up in price, is not made from damaging fossil fuels and is not transmitted long distances by ageing infrastructure.

At HCB Solar, we represent quality and are renowned for excellence in service and technical know-how. We offer affordable solutions and products backed by solid warranties. This is allowing homeowners to have the ability and peace of mind to offset rising electricity cost by generating their own electricity on-site with minimal risk. Click here to view our Customised and Complete Residential Packages – Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum and their Inclusions! Call 02 4040 4307 to Switch to Solar!

HCB Solar domestic solar systems represent an excellent investment for homeowners as payback periods and return on investment show us. (Click here for cost analysis)

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HCB Solar is able to provide a solar energy system that is customised to your needs. The system also provides your household with a quantifiable way to show that you are reducing your greenhouse gas emissions.

HCB Solar will provide an excellent quality solar energy system that will seamlessly work in with your existing electricity supply from the grid. For customers coming off the 60c feed-in tariff, you will be surprised to see how much system cost has come down. Further, with battery storage here, there is excellent value for money options so that you can continue to manage your own green energy supply. Call 02 4040 4307 to find out the different options and one that will suit your needs.

If you’d like to find out more about our residential solar systems, please contact us or call HCB Solar on 02 4040 4307. We will be able to provide you with local knowledge and arrange a site inspection, from this point we will provide a quotation for a residential solar energy system that best suits your household needs.


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