Solar panels on your home are more affordable and more impacting than ever before. We’ll show you how.

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With different energy needs and different scaleable options, solar for commercial is offering big savings for business.

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Battery Storage

HCB is now a Tesla Powerwall Certified Installer, which means we now offer a customised solar-plus-battery solution that enables you to access the free, abundant power of the sun and reduces your reliance on fossil fuels.

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Ground Mounted Solar

We have a team dedicated to the specialist work of piling and installing large scale ground mount solar for utility and irrigation.

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Different solar for different applications. We can advise what is most suitable.

Residential Solar

Throughout Australia, more and more families are choosing to install residential solar systems to help cut their energy bills.


Commercial Solar

By utilising our state of the art solar panels, you can drastically reduce your energy bill and increase your bottom line.



Installations of ground mounted solar panels. Specialist machine to test the ground and install the mount frame for bulk solar panels.



Use solar to off the electricity grid. For residential, commercial, and pumping. It is more possible than you might think.


Maintenance and Repair

If your solar panels are not producing as much energy as you used to, it can often be a simple maintenance issue.


Case Studies

HCB Solar has completed over 10,000 1 to 5kW residential solar energy systems.


HCB Solar only uses “Trusted” products that are backed and proven in performance & reliability. We will not compromise your system by substituting cheaper components for the sake of a low price only to find that further down the track the system fails and requires repair.

Recommendation, design, supply & installation
Complete service from start to finish
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We’re proud of our solar. Here’s why you can be be proud of yours too!

Thousands of residential properties and hundreds of schools experience.
Since 2008, Michael Haggerston and his team at HCB Solar have been installing PV Solar Energy Systems. This on thousands of residential properties in the Newcastle Region as well as hundreds of schools in NSW under the BER & NSS programs.

Trusted products, backed and proven in performance and reliability.
HCB Solar only uses trusted products that are backed and proven in performance & reliability. We will not compromise your system by substituting cheaper components for the sake of a low price only to find that further down the track the system fails and requires repair.

The products we use include the following:
Sunpower E20 Series Solar panels – the most efficient (20.1%), quality produced solar panel on the market.
LG Electronics Solar Panels – an excellent quality solar panel that performs well.
SMA inverters – the best quality inverters on the market, proven installation after installation.

HCB has carefully chosen our partners and suppliers. We are proud to be Newcastle's Approved LG Dealer. The products we recommend are truly the best in the country.

Other valued partners

The new LG NeON® R at a similar physical size reached an incredible 360W (20.8% efficiency)! This makes it ideal for solar systems seeking visually pleasing panels and for roofs where space is tight.
The NeON® R is also the right panel when future solar system expansion is considered. Or as a combo install of panels and solar energy storage via batteries as well as electric vehicle charging.
The LG NeON® R is a very powerful module. The 30 multi-ribbon busbars at the rear of the module sets a new standard of innovation. It is the result of LG’s extensive solar R&D investment.

The LG NeON® 2 has seen many improvements, from

  • longer warranties and
  • higher efficiency, to
  • stronger frames, and
  • better wind loading.

This panel is ideal for homes seeking a visually pleasing solar panel. And for roofs where space is tight or where you are considering future system expansions (e.g. to incorporate battery storage or electric car charging).
The LG NeON® modules have double sided cells and CELLO technology absorb light from the front and the back of the cell. This technology sets a new standard for innovation and is internationally awarded.

The latest Mono X® Plus benefits from years of LG research. The fifth generation LG Mono X® Plus offers

  • long warranties
  • higher efficiency
  • strong framing, and
  • Australia’s highest wind loading panel.

The LG Mono X® Plus will provide many years of clean, reliable energy. Choosing the high quality Mono X® Plus is an investment in superior standards of design, manufacture, back up support and warranties.